Servo hack 2

I wrote an article (Servo hack) about how to hack a servo for use in the inMoov Robot a while ago. I did a few servo’s back then. Today I did a few more and there where a bit harder to do.

The motor in the server from the previous batch came loose after a few taps, but with these servos this did not work. The motors where glued to it’s casing.

To remove the circuit board and the potentiometer I had to desolder the motor from the circuit board. With a small screwdriver under the circuit board and the soldering iron on the leads of the motor I gave it a gentle wiggle a few times from both sides. There are three connections to the motor. The third one is connected to the metal housing of the motor. In the picture below the screwdriver is hidden in my hand.


The motor has big leads and the hole in the circuit board also large so there is also a lot of solder left, after removing the motor. I used solder wick to remove the solder. On the picture below you can see me removing the solder of the third connection.


After cleaning up the circuit board, the rest of the process of the hack is the same as the initial article. It’s time to build it together again after modifying the wiring and the casing . The motor has to be soldered tot the circuit board again. Use enough solder.

I did three servos and it took me about 1,5 hour.