InMoov hand build

Finally I made some progress on inMoov robot in a long time. The left arm is completely done already, but the right side still needs the lower arm and the right hand. In this article we going to look at the right hand.

I made a video with every step of the build in detail, so you can follow along. inMoov is designed by Gaël Langevin so make sure you visit is website at

I always print the parts with a brim so it needs a lot of cleanup, but it makes sure the parts are nice and straight. This is important if you need to glue parts together. After cleaning up it’s a good thing to lay all the part on the table to see if everything is there.

I found it a little bit confusing how the fingers should be glued together, but it’s fairly simple If you know where to look at.

The lower part of the finger has a marking in the shape of a rectangle when the parts are glued together. The top cap should be glued together with the part with two small holes on the top for the wires. I use hot glue for this part so I can remove the cap if I have to replace the wires someday. For the other parts I used Super Glue. The middle parts of the finger have a shape on the face where the two parts come together.

For the rotating part I used a piece of filament and cut it with a small wire cutter to make a straight cut.


The other parts are not too complicated to fit together, with help of the picture below.

You need a tweezer to put the wires through the fingers and the hand. It’s not easy but with some patients it’s not impossible.

At last I mounted the top of the hand with some 3 mm screws. The 4 parts on the fingers are glued on the fingers. I made the mistake once to glue them on the hand and that looks strange when the hand is in closed position.

If you have questions or comments, please let me know. inMoov is designed by Gaël Langevin so make sure you visit is website at


  1. Great job. I just started building my InMoov. I’ve started with the head. It’s not difficult but is challenging and not a fast build. I look forward to seeing more articles and videos. Thanks for sharing.

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