Servo’s in inMoov head

To complete my inMoov head I had to do two things. Mounting the jaw with its servo and the eye mechanism. The jaw part is done now and it is working fine.

The servo has to turn just a little bit to open and close the jaw completely. It’s quite smooth. I have used a cheap Modelcraft
RS2 servo. I am not sure how long this will work, but it good for now. The servo is mounted with four 2,5mmx8mm TORX self tapping screws with a small ring at the head. There are just bigger than the mounting holes of the servo. I don’t like it but it will hold.




On the picture you can also see the bigger servo for turning the head from left to right. It’s a HS805BB Mega Quarter Scale servo from Hitec. One side is mounted with M3 bolts and nuts. On the opposite side I used phillip head screws I had lying around because your can’t use bolts in those holes.


Gael Langevin is the designer of this robot. Be sure to visit his website


    1. Hi Steve. I have some progress and with a week or so I will publish a new video about the eye mechanism.


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