inMoov torso on a stick

All the parts of the InMoov torso are ready and I have put it together.
Yes!!!! The torso is the main body part of the InMoov because the head and the arms are attached to it.


To make the torso stand up I used the two part stand holder from I want to mount the Kinect and this part make this possible and is robust enough. Those two parts are glued together. The metal pipe is 22 mm and is 1 meter long.

The hole in stand holder part is slightly smaller so I used a 22 mm drill to make it bigger.


At the bottom I used two pieces of wood I had lying around and used some screws and glue to mount it together.


This construction will not be stable enough when moving the arms. For now it’s enough because a lot of printing is required to finish the arms.

While printing the arms I can complete the head and mount the Kinect. Some extra pictures of the torso.



Make sure you take a look at the website from InMoov at


  1. Hey there. Just wanted to say thanks for posting the great info and photos of your inmoov project. I’ve been using your pics as a template for assembling the upper body and they’ve helped immensely. Very clear photos from plenty of angles is exactly what I needed to help answer the questions I had about assembly.

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