Robots learning through Internet

Together with six other European research organizations the University of Eindhoven (Netherlands) is developing a database for robotics to share information about behavior. Robots don’t have to find out al tasks by itself.

The project is called RoboEarth and is a kind of World Wide Web for robots and makes learning a lot faster. Purpose is to let robots perform unplanned tasks in unknown environments not initial build in the machine. Through a wireless connection the robot can ‘search’ the database for new solutions for a specific tasks.

I am little bit afraid for this scenario , because if have seen the ‘I Robot’ movie. This extreme scenario will never happen, but security is a real issue then. If the robot downloads the wrong information. The tasks ‘Get me some coffee’ is changed into: ‘shoot the neighbors’ or something like that. The research project is 4 years long and has a budget from 5,6 million Euros.

Read the news from article(dutch) at:[tt_news]=8960&tx_ttnews[backPid]=361&cHash=9c1fdbde4c

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