2 weekend print result

Because of a holiday  in Turkey I could not print for one week and wasn’t able to share the results with you.


The picture shows a lot of parts. From left to right and from top to bottom:

  • robpart3V3
  • robpart4V3
  • lowarmsideV1_square
  • rotawrist3V2
  • rotawrist2 (black part)
  • PivPotholderV21b (two black parts)
  • rotawrist1V3
  • cableholderwristV4
  • WristGearsV4 (3 gears)
  • PivPotentioV3 (4 black parts)
  • servo-pulleyX5

I did redo the lowarmsideV1, PivPotentioV3 and the PivPotholderV21 because I used the original one at frist and used a Dremel to make it fit. The potentiometers fit great is this new design so I made four of them.

Be sure you check the website from Gael Langevin at www.inmoov.fr.